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Type 21 HypoValve Ball Valves

For those of you that are familiar with and use Chemline valves and products, you know the reliability and ease of use they are know for. We here at Rice feel that they have taken a new turn with the Type 21 HypoValve Ball Valve for sodium hypochlorite applications.

Depending on the type of connection that you require both the Chemflare™ end connectors and PFA fittings give you flexibility when dealing with tube applications. Yet also, when dealing with butt fusion union end connectors a ECTFE (Halar®) lets you connect to rigid pipe applications. Both are exceptional long term leak-free systems for sodium hypochlorite applications.

If you are already using a Chemflare™ Tubing or ECTFE(Halar®) system, the Type 21 HypoValve will blend in seamlessly. A Rice representative is on call for any questions you might have in how you can apply the Type 21 HypoValve into your sodium hypochlorite system and just maybe this can make your life a little easier and your systems more secure.

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